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Full Name
San Diego, California
Family & Friends
Scottie (brother)
Drake Parker
Josh Nichols (possibly)
Unnamed girlfriend (mentioned in The Wedding)
First appearance
Last appearance
Dune Buggy
Portrayed by

Trevor is a character in Drake & Josh.

He's played by Taran Killam.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be extremely absent-minded. His family makes him get brain scans because of his lack of intelligence.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Drake Parker Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Taran Killam, who plays Trevor, also appeared in a show Dan Schneider worked on, The Amanda Show, where he played Spaulding in the sketch Moody's Point and also appeared in iCarly episode "iMeet The First Lady", as Agent Kimsey.
  • His parents make him get a brain scan every month.
  • He only appears in one episode, Dune Buggy, but he is mentioned throughout the series.
  • According to Drake in Driver's License, he had two snakes and was going to make them fight each other.
  • He is Scottie's brother.
  • His ex-girlfriend used to sleep in his car.

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