The Space Rock
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate November 1, 2014
Production Code 108
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Russ Reinsel
Viewership 2.2 million[1]
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The Space Rock is the eighth episode of the first season of Henry Danger. It aired on November 1, 2014.

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Charlotte arrives at Junk-n-Stuff with a bunch of corn dogs. She finds Henry and Gooch moving a giant 7,000-pound rock from outer space using a crane. However, Gooch accidentally drops the rock and it crashes through a bunch of floors. Henry quickly calls Ray and tells him that a big rock was about to fall, but Ray was dancing with a girl named Leylani and can't hear him. The rock ends up landing on his head.

Henry goes home and sees Piper furious because Jasper was doing his bucket podcast with a friend named Ron. Henry goes upstairs and Piper makes Henry end Jasper's podcast. Piper says that they had been letting people download Ginger Fox's new music video for an hour, but now, they cost money. After Jasper says Piper has an anger problem, she attacks him. Later, Henry and Charlotte go to the Man Cave and see Mr. Gooch and Ray freaking out. They explain that the space rock was actually a space egg and the previous night, the egg hatched and an alien creature crawled out and they have no idea where it is. Charlotte exits immediately. Henry, Mr. Gooch, and Ray start looking for the creature, but Mr. Gooch ends up running into a secret door and Henry and Ray go up their tubes. After they leave, the creature crawls into Henry's backpack. Afterwards, Siren runs out of the basement, because Mr. Gooch had dropped off Henry's backpack in there, and she had seen the alien. Also, Piper is being unusually nice to Jasper, who was psyched about how he had gotten 100,007 downloads on his last podcast, and asks to be a guest on his bucket podcast.

Henry finds out what happened, and tells Ray using his Whiz-watch. Ray arrives at Henry's house in his Captain Man costume, and pretends to be taking a survey. Henry asks Captain Man if he could help exterminate the bug. Captain Man goes to their basement and shoots at the bug repeatedly, but it crawls into the air conditioning vent. Captain Man climbs into Henry's bedroom window. Meanwhile, Piper reveals to everyone watching the podcast that she had bought Jasper 100,000 fake downloads for only $10. Captain Man climbs into the room and sees the creature. He begins shooting at it. Jasper and Piper cover themselves, but the alien lands on Piper's face. Captain Man chases her out of the room. Jasper then lies back and says that he may not have 100,007 downloads, but he also didn't have an alien stuck on his face. Piper runs out of the house and Captain Man runs after her. He shoots the alien and it crawled under a bish to die. However, the alien ends up on top of a little girl.

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