Super Volcano
Season 1, Episode 15
Super Volcano
Airdate February 7, 2015
Production Code 115
Written by Dan Schneider
Dana Olsen
Directed by Russ Reinsel
Viewership 1.6 million[1]
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Super Volcano is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Henry Danger. It aired on February 7, 2015.

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Oliver is selling fruit bars at school. He gives one to Charlotte, and then, Jasper shows Henry and Charlotte the new bucket he got from Bucket Hut. When he is about to start telling them about how special it was, Charlotte pretends to start talking to someone on the phone (pretending the fruit bar was her phone). Henry stays and Jasper shows Henry that the bucket was magnetic. Then, a girl named Bianca who Henry likes arrives. Chloe (Henry’s old crush) would be gone for several months because she was on a reality show named “Kids in the Woods.” Henry tries to talk to her, but when he goes up to her, he ends up just staring at her. At the Man Cave, Ray, Charlotte, and Schwoz reveal to Henry that there was a volcano 50 miles below the Earth’s surface and just below Swellview. In less than two days, the volcano would erupt and the world would end. Henry is about to tell all his relatives, but Ray stops him and tells him that it’s best that no one knows. Charlotte then goes to the Snack Machine and gets a gallon of ice cream.

Piper is throwing away gluten foods, and when Siren gets home, she asks Piper why she is throwing away their foods with gluten. Piper says that it’s because she is gluten-intolerant. When Siren asks where she found out, Piper says that everyone in her class was gluten-intolerant, and so were popular kids and celebrities. Jake decides to ask her doctor if she was gluten-free. Siren and Jake are about to leave, but Henry suggests to them that they should stay together and talk because one day, they might not be together, but they refuse. After dinner, Henry begins looking at the stars. Jasper shows up. Henry tells Jasper that he loved him, but then, when Jasper is about to show Henry some pictures of buckets, Henry yells at him, saying that no one cares about his buckets. Jasper is confused about Henry’s behavior and then, Charlotte comes with a huge bag of Inside-Out Burger Chili Cheeseburgers. They all begin to eat, but Jasper notices that they had pickles in them. Henry and Charlotte didn’t like pickles, but they say that they would give pickles a chance, but it turns out to be gross. At school, Oliver offers Mitch Bilsky a fruit bar, but Mitch begins bullying Oliver. Henry and Charlotte see him, and Henry decides to stand up for Oliver, because he didn’t fear anyone anymore. He is about to fight Mitch, but Charlotte tells Mitch that a teacher would come in five seconds and Mitch tells Henry that they would fight at Monday behind the synagogue.

At the doctor’s, Piper turns out to not be glucose-intolerant. The doctor explains to her that Piper loved spaghetti, and spaghetti had a lot of gluten. Piper becomes angry and leaves. Oliver asks Henry if he would go ice fishing with him that weekend, but Henry says yes, since the world would be ending anyway. Then, Henry sees Bianca and kisses her. Henry and Captain Man go in the Man-copter and fly around town. Schwoz arrives and tells them that he just got a gym membership. Henry asks Schwoz why he would get a gym membership if the world would be ending, but Schwoz tells them that he was wrong about the world ending. The volcano wouldn’t be erupting tomorrow; it would be erupting in 17 million years. Henry, Charlotte, and Ray become really happy. At school, Henry apologizes to Jasper and gives him a bucket. Then, Mitch arrives and says that he can’t fight him on Monday because he was getting his teeth whitened. But he says that all the teachers were now in the auditorium having a meeting, so they would fight now. Henry goes to stretch, and when he does, he tells Charlotte to zap Mitch with his laser. When Mitch is about to hurt Henry, Charlotte zaps him and he falls unconscious. Bianca then asks Henry for plans this weekend, but Oliver tells Bianca that Henry had to go ice fishing with him. He buys Henry and himself a tandem coat (a coat for two people) and they end up going ice fishing.

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