"Yeah, I remember Nora, why?"
— Sam to Gibby.

Season 1, Episode 30
Airdate March 29, 2014
Production Code 133
Written by Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 3.963 million
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#SuperPsycho is the 30th episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on March 29, 2014.

Plot Edit

A kid named Bobby, who Sam and Cat are babysitting, won't stop asking Sam if she remembered memorable iCarly moments while Sam is trying to watch a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Cat is dipping apples in cranberry sauce so that she can make "crapples". Sam then thinks back to when she, Carly, and Freddie were kidnapped by Nora. Nora is still in prison, but then, she escapes, ready for revenge.

Dice comes in and Cat finishes making her crapples. Sam is in a furious argument with someone and she quickly asks Dice if he would get her a Mexican driver's license for her, but have him put a different name. Meanwhile, Gibby, who is friends with Sam, is watching a movie with his girlfriend. Nora comes and says she doesn't want to hurt Gibby. Gibby is fine with Nora and he ends up texting Nora Sam's whole address. While Sam and Cat have dinner at Bots, Nora comes in in a disguise and sees Sam. Then, Dice comes in, having gotten Sam her Mexican license. Nora notices that Sam likes Dice. Then, Dice leaves and then, Nora tricks Dice into climbing into the back of her car. Nora then locks it and drives away.

Sam and Cat can't find Dice anywhere. Then, Nora leaves a note on Sam and Cat's doorstep saying what she did. Sam is furious so she decides to find someone who can be of help: Nevel Papperman, another person Sam hates. However, he is extremely intelligent and could give them a bunch of information. Nevel was in a hospital now because he had a dangerous virus. Sam and Cat find Nevel, after seeing other patients (including Crazy Steve, a continued character from Drake & Josh). Sam and Cat give Nevel the note. Nevel notices a stain from Donkey Sauce on the note. The only place with donkey sauce was The Aloha Burger and if Dice was kidnapped, he would be in an abandoned house and there were three abandoned houses near The Aloha Burger. Nevel then asks about the whereabouts of Carly's mother.

Nora had trapped Dice in a well. Then, Cat shows up and asks if Nora knows where Dice is. Nora knows that Cat is also friends with Sam. Nora then pushes Cat down the well with Dice. Sam arrives and threatens to kill Nora's chicken, Maurice, if she doesn't let Cat and Dice go. Nora makes a different deal; they'll fight and if Sam wins, Nora would release Cat and Dice but if Nora won, Sam would go in the well, too. Nora tries to kick Sam, but Sam grabs her foot and throws her down the well. Meanwhile, Nevel escapes from the hospital.

Nora is arrested and put under maximum security. Sam, Cat, and Dice go the Aloha Burger, but Nevel calls Sam and tells her that he was now having dinner with a friend: Gibby.

At Bots, Herb appears and takes the kayak Nora used to trick Dice and left.

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