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Stacey Dillsen
Full name
Stacey Dillsen
Massachusetts (formerly)
Family & Friends
Mr. Dillsen (father)
Mrs. Dillsen (mother)
Zoey Brooks (possibly)
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Stacey Dillsen is a recurring character in Zoey 101 and iCarly.

She's portrayed by Abby Wilde.

Personality Edit

She is very unfortunate and always had bad luck, despite virtually doing nothing bad to anyone. Up until Chasing Zoey, Stacey had trouble pronouncing words with the letter S in them. Her lisp goes away after Mark accidentally runs into her in Michael's car. She got her lisp back overtime, as revealed in iCarly, in which Stacey is the only Zoey 101 character to make an appearance on.

Stacy is a very kind and unpopular girl. Practically no one at PCA befriends her. Her hobby is creating things using cotton swabs and white glue. She isn't so good at yoga as seen in Michael Loves Lisa because she was taken out with her foot stuck behind her head, spraining her right glute. She also has a crush on Logan.

She shares similar traits to Melissa (see The Election), but instead of pronouncing her S's as "th," she pronounces them as "sh," and instead of having a crush on Chase, she has a crush on Logan. At the end of the series Stacey could talk normally.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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