"There is no dating going on between me and James!"
— Zoey to Lola and Quinn

Rumor of Love
Season 4, Episode 4
Airdate February 10, 2008
Production Code 404
Written by Jeffery Bushell
Directed by Michael Grossman
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Alone at PCA
Anger Management

Rumor of Love is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Zoey 101. It aired on February 10, 2008.

Plot Edit

Zoey, Lola, [[Michael Barret|Michael, Quinn, and Mark are sitting at lunch together. Then, Logan comes and tells Michael that they're getting their new roommate. They are extremely angry about this, because they had fun throwing noodles at each other in their pool. Their new roommate was named Jimmy Garrett. They think that his name sounds dorky. Later, Logan looks up Jimmy Garrett online and they find pictures. They see that Jimmy looks extremely dorky, so they go over to Ms. Burvich for another roommate. While they're waiting, a boy comes and borrows a pencil from Logan. Logan and Michael start making rude imitations of what they think Jimmy would act like. They start complaining to Ms. Burvich, but they then find out that the boy who asked Logan for the pencil was James, and that now, he wasn't nerdy at all. Logan and Michael start trying to make it look clear to James that they don't want him as their roommate. Logan is upset because James probably thought he was all hot and he didn't want to live with someone who was all conceited and full of himself. Michael thinks this is ironic. Zoey, Lola, and Quinn come in and ask if they wanted to play basketball, but they immediately fall in love with James. James goes to play basketball with the girls. The next day, James comes and asks Michael and Logan for the best place to go to for lunch. Michael and Logan don't want anything to do with him, and they go to get some cheese. Zoey takes James to Sushi Rox. Logan sees them and gets an idea. That night, girls start whispering about Zoey. Zoey is confused. Then, Lola and Quinn ask her why she didn't tell them that she was dating James.

Zoey explains to them that she wasn't dating James. Lola and Quinn don't get it, so Zoey smacks their heads with a pillow. Zoey goes to find James, but the girls won't stop bothering her. Meanwhile, James packs up and leaves Logan and Michael's room because he had gotten their message. As James is going to his new room (a single with terrible living conditions), he runs into Zoey. Zoey tells him what happened, but they can't decide who started the rumor. Logan comes in and Michael tells him that he moved out of their room. Logan is happy and wants to go celebrate. He also reveals to Michael that he was the one who started the rumor that Zoey and James were going out together. Michael goes to James' room and tells James had left his phone in their room. Michael finds out that there was a bathroom across the hall where whenever someone flushes the toilet, the water turns boiling hot. Michael sits down with James and tells him that he's sorry for the way Logan and him acted. Michael tells James to move back to their room and that Logan started the rumor. James tells Zoey Logan started the rumor. Zoey, Quinn, Lola, James, and the PCA News Bulletin go to the bathroom where Logan, who was showering, gets broadcast on TV. They tell Logan that if he doesn't reveal to everyone watching that he started the rumor between Zoey and James and that it was a lie, they would yank off the curtain on TV. At the last second, Logan finally admits it. Right before they leave, James flushes the toilet and the water turns boiling hot in Logan's shower. Later, Zoey and James begin dating for real.

Quotes Edit

Lola: [to Zoey] Wait, did you start it?
Zoey: [slaps Lola across the face with a pillow]
Lola: Okay, so we know it wasn't you...

Trivia Edit

Goofs Edit

  • When Lola and Quinn are pulling the shower curtain off the rings one by one, after the scene, the curtains are back on the rings.

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