Prank Week
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate January 30, 2005
Production Code 105
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Episode Chronology
Defending Dustin

Prank Week is the fifth episode of the first season of Zoey 101. It aired on January 30, 2005.

Plot Edit

Zoey, Nicole, and Dana wake up, where Quinn tells them to come outside. They go out and find that their dorm was covered in toilet paper. At lunch, Chase, Michael, and Logan sit next to them and they reveal that they were the ones who T.P.ed their dorm. They explain that they did it was now a PCA tradition called Prank Week, where the older students prank younger students. Later, Chase, Michael, and Logan see Dean Rivers having janitors clean the statue in front of their dorm. The statue was of Mr. Bradford, the founder of PCA. His son would be coming the next day and they needed to clean it. Later, the boys trick the girls into leaving their dorm at once and once they do, the boys attack them with water balloons. Zoey doesn't mind too much at first, but when Logan throws one more balloon from the roof, she decides to prank them back. Quinn wants to make a sonic neural neutralizer that renders the boys unconscious, but it doesn't work. Zoey, Nicole, Dana and a bunch of other girls decide to dress the Mr. Bradford statue in front of the boys' dorm with a dress, a wig, makeup, one of Coco's bras, and a pair of pink underwear. However, when Mr. Bradford's son arrives, he finds out what happened and who did it. Then, he decides to have PCA go back to an only-boys institution. Dean Rivers thinks that it was just a harmless prank, but Mr. Bradford won't change his mind. Nicole doesn't want to leave, because of how great PCA was. Zoey decides to convince Mr. Bradford to let all the girls stay except for her because she was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Mr. Bradford ends up agreeing, but as long as Zoey apologized to everyone. Everyone, including the boys, are depressed that Zoey was leaving. Michael tells Chase to tell Zoey about something, since she was leaving the next day, but right when he is about to say it, he is interrupted by Quinn, who had finished working on her sonic neural neutralizer, but when she tries to activate it, it just turns off the lights. When it is time for Zoey to leave, she apologizes. Then, Mr. Bradford begins to talk about his dad, but then, Logan hits a button and makes it look like the statue is peeing. All the students say that they were the culprits so that if Zoey was expelled, everyone else was. Mr. Bradford ends up deciding to expell no one. Mr. Bradford leaves, and then, Logan reveals that he was the one who thought of it to keep Zoey in school. Quinn perfects the sonic neural neutralizer, but after finding out that it wasn't necessary anymore, she ends up tossing it in the trash, activating it. This time, it works, and everyone ends up falling unconscious.

Quote Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Absent: Paul Butcher Jr. as Dustin Brooks
  • The lime green shirt that Quinn wears was purchased at Gap Kids fall of '04.
  • We find out in this episode Nicole's hometown is in Kansas.
  • They edited this episode after the first broadcast. Originally, Quinn's explosive device goes off and causes everyone on campus to faint, but now the episode ends early.

Goofs Edit

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