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Nicole Bristow
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Nicole Bristow
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Mr. Bristow (father)
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Zoey Brooks
Chase Matthews
Dana Cruz
Lola Martinez
Michael Barret
Quinn Pensky
Logan Reese (possibly)
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Nicole Bristow is a main character in Zoey 101.

She's portrayed by Alexa Nikolas.

Personality Edit

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Zoey Brooks Edit

Zoey was the first person Nicole met at PCA. When she discovered she was her new roommate, Zoey and Nicole got along a lot of the time and barely argued. Nicole did get upset some times with Zoey when she wasn't on her side in an argument with Dana Cruz, Nicole's second roommate. Nicole and Zoey became best friends almost instantly in the series. Nicole supports Zoey in her arguments with Logan Reese, particularly in the boys vs. girls basketball game although Nicole is bad at sports. During Season 2, Zoey and Nicole were still good friends and had one falling out in the episode The Election. Zoey was the first person Nicole told about leaving PCA and still remained friends and kept in contact.

Dustin Brooks Edit

Nicole and Dustin don't have that much interaction, but they appear to be close friends, and have never argued or fought.

Dana Cruz Edit

Dana was the second person Nicole met at PCA and her second roommate. Nicole and Dana constantly fought and Zoey had to break them up, towards the end of the first season, Nicole and Dana had made peace and were friends but would still have arguments. Nicole was glad to find out that Dana wouldn't return to PCA for their second year and made friends with Lola Martinez, her new roommate.

Lola Martinez Edit

Lola became Nicole's new roommate after Dana moved out, Nicole at first didn't like Lola until she found out that her weirdness was just an act and then Nicole and Zoey pretended to have a fight to prove to her that they could act too. After that, Nicole and Lola soon became best friends and only fought several times throughout Season 2. Nicole sometimes disagreed with Lola's ideas like in the episode Time Capsule when Nicole didn't like that Lola didn't put anything in the capsule and sometimes Lola would disagree with Nicole. The two still remained friends after Nicole left PCA.

Logan Reese Edit

Nicole met Logan when she and Zoey were challenged to a basketball match. After the two became friends although, Logan's selfishness can cause arguments between them, they remained friends and hung out together at Sushi Rox and other places, after Nicole left they both remained friends.

Chase Matthews Edit

Nicole and Chase became friends through Zoey and never had an argument during the series. Nicole was always on Zoey's side whenever she and Chase were arguing, but she and Chase become friends again when he and Zoey make up. When Nicole left PCA, she and Chase remained friends.

Michael Barret Edit

Nicole met Michael on her first day at PCA and became friends. Throughout the series, they were good friends and never argued. After Nicole left PCA, it is unknown if she and Michael remained in contact.

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