My Phony Valentine
Season 1, Episode 16
My Phony Valentine
Airdate February 14, 2015
Production Code 116
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 1.8 million[1]
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My Phony Valentine is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Henry Danger. It aired on February 14, 2015.

Plot Edit

Henry gets two tickets for Club Soda on Valentine's Day. He bought them for him and his crush, Bianca. Jasper tells Henry that he was working at Club Soda to make sure only legit teenagers got in. Also, Henry hadn't asked Bianca out yet. Charlotte tells Henry that he should've asked Bianca earlier, because that's how girls work. Henry claims that he knows all about girls. But when he asks Bianca at school later, she says no because Henry didn't ask her earlier. Mitch Bilsky had already asked her to go to Club Soda. Then, Ms. Shapen shows up and tells Henry that he failed his test. She begins crying and Henry asks if it was because no one asked her out on Valentine's Day. Henry tries to cheer her up by getting her a date with Captain Man. Ms. Shapen says that if he did this, she would change Henry's F to an A.

Ray sees the picture of Ms. Shapen and he doesn't want to go with her, but Henry ends up convincing her to go on a date with her. Henry tells Ray that Ms. Shapen likes chicken. Schwoz then arrives. He would be going on a date with Girda. Ray gets an idea and asks Schwoz if Girda could go on a date with Henry to Club Soda. Schwoz says no, but then he shows Girda to Henry. Girda turned out to be an android that looked exactly like a human. She was also a shapeshifter and she could turn into a potential date for Henry named Delilah. Henry says that he wanted to make Bianca jealous, so he asks Schwoz if he could make her a high schooler and he does and she is now named Tiffany. At the dance, Jasper is working and at one point, Piper and her friends come and try to convince Jasper that they are 14, but Jasper doesn't buy it and cuts Piper's fake ID. Piper and her friends leave. Charlotte comes in and then, Piper breaks something to create a distraction. When everybody is trying to find what happened, Piper and her friends sneak in. At the party, all the lights go off and then, Henry walks in with Bianca and attracts everyone's attention.

Charlotte is feeling Tiffany and she can't believe she's not a real person. Henry starts wondering how he can make Bianca jealous if she wouldn't look at Henry. Charlotte suggests dancing on the dance floor with Tiffany. Meanwhile, Ms. Shapen shows up at the Man Cave for dinner with Captain Man. They begin to eat their chicken, but Captain Man isn't having fun. At one point, Ms. Shapen takes off her shoe and reveals an extremely enlarged big toe and Captain Man is extremely scared. Henry and Tiffany dance and Bianca becomes uncomfortable. Mitch sees Tiffany and asks if she would dance with him. Charlotte says that Mitch is evil, but this triggers a sensor in Tiffany. Tiffany begins to fight Mitch and starts hurting him. Also, Captain Man is extremely uncomfortable on his date. Henry calls Captain Man and he takes the call in the elevator. Henry tells Captain Man that Tiffany was trying to kill Mitch. Captain Man explains that he just needed to hit a button on the back of Tiffany's neck. Henry transforms to Kid Danger and he is able to hit the button. Everyone cheers and Henry pretends to take her to therapy. At the date, Captain Man finds that Schwoz and Ms. Shapen are hitting it off and they are happy together. They leave. When Henry comes back to Club Soda, he tells Bianca that she looked great. Bianca tells Henry that he has pretty eyes. Henry is about to kiss Bianca, but Bianca says that she was on a date with Mitch now, but they then leave.

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  • Henry saying, "Hey there, Delilah," is a reference to Plain White T's famous song, "Hey There Delilah."
  • Next to Club Soda, you see a sign with "DanWarp" on it.

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