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Mean Teacher
Season 2, Episode 11
Airdate September 26, 2004
Production Code 210
Written by Ethan Banville
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Mean Teacher (previously named The Shirt of Luck) is the eleventh episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired on September 26, 2004.

Plot Edit

Drake wants to break up with his girlfriend, Kelly, because of her annoying laughter. He is unable to break up with her because her mother is his teacher for many subjects, Mrs. Hayfer, who also hates Drake. She threatens to induct him into summer school if he dumps her. Drake becomes further annoyed with Kelly and says he must cause her to break up with him. Meanwhile, Josh gets an ugly shirt, which he claims to be good luck as fortunate things happen to him when it is worn.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Look closely: In the dream (or nightmare) sequence when Drake is marrying Kelly, Josh is wearing his lucky shirt inside his tuxedo. This means Drake feared two things: being stuck with Kelly and Josh wearing his ugly lucky shirt forever.
  • Drake saying "May the luck be with you" is a reference to the Star Wars series and its famous quote, "May the force be with you."
  • OR is a parody of the TV show ER. Ironically, Josh Peck, who plays Josh, guest starred in an episode of, "ER."

Goofs Edit

  • If Mrs. Hayfer really did send Drake to summer school because of his relationship with her daughter, shouldn't Drake have the authority to do something to make Mrs. Hafer lose her teaching job?
  • When Megan loads the tomatoes into her machine, she only loads three tomatoes and when she attempts to shoot at Josh, she shoots five tomatoes, and when Audrey clicks the button again, it shoots another tomato.
  • Josh says that on O.R., they were doing a colonoscopy on Natalie. However, Mrs, Hayfer says that on O.R., she was missing Madeline's colonoscopy.

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