Mark Del Figgalo
Full Name
Mark Del Figgalo
Family & Friends
Mr. Del Figgalo (father)
Mrs. Del Figgalo (mother)
Unnamed friends
Courtney (lasted until Quinn's Date)
Quinn Pensky (Quinn's Date until Quinn Misses the Mark)
Brooke Margolin (Quinn Misses the Mark until Chasing Zoey)
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Mark Del Figgalo is a recurring character in Zoey 101.

He's portrayed by Jack Salvatore Jr.

Personality Edit

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Quinn Pensky Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He has the highest appearance count out of all the recurring characters.
  • He is the second recurring character to have their name in an episode title. The first was Lisa.
  • Mark was only planned to be in New Roomies, but the producers of the show liked Jack so much that they decided to make Mark a recurring character.
  • Despite being a recurring character, he makes more appearances than Dustin Brooks, a main character who was present for all four seasons.

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