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Lola Martinez
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Lola Martinez
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Mr. Martinez (father)
Mrs. Martinez (mother)
Zoey Brooks
Dustin Brooks (most likely)
Chase Matthews
James Garrett
Michael Barret
Nicole Bristow
Quinn Pensky
Logan Reese (possibly)
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Lola Martinez is a main character in Zoey 101.

She's portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Personality Edit

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Zoey Brooks Edit

Lola met Zoey when she discovered that she was her new roommate, she at first pretended to be different and ended up frightening Zoey then when she told her about her pretending, Zoey and Lola's second roommate Nicole Bristow, decided to pretend to have a fight to prove to Lola that they could act too. Lola and Zoey had one argument in the series, which was in the Season 3 episode Miss PCA when the two fell out over winning a pageant. After that, the two didn't argue again, although Zoey disapproved of Lola's relationship with Vince Blake. They became close friends and supported each other throughout the series, and were almost always together. Lola supported Zoey when Chase was accused of cheating against Zoey in the movie, Spring Break-Up and Lola tried to help Zoey when she found out her boyfriend, who is the dean's son, rigged a raffle so Zoey could win, though she didn't believe her and went but soon found out the truth and dumped him and made up with Lola. They were close friends during Season 4 and barely argued.

Dustin Brooks Edit

Like Zoey, Lola is seen to show concern for Dustin. But unlike Zoey, she also seems to show some hostility towards him from time to time, such as in Favor Chain, when Zoey told her she wanted her to be Dustin's talent show assistant, Lola said she didn't want to, and added "Eww." Nevertheless, Lola and Dustin get along fine.

Chase Matthews Edit

Chase was a mutual acquaintance of Lola through Zoey. In the episode Lola Likes Chase, Lola grew a crush on him, and they had one date, but decided they were better off as friends. Lola was excited upon finding out Chase had returned from London in Chasing Zoey, and went as far as hugging him. It is clear that out of all the male main characters on the show that Lola is closest to Chase.

Quinn Pensky Edit

Lola and Quinn didn't really hang out until after Nicole left PCA and Quinn became Zoey and Lola's roommate. They soon became best friends and are almost always seen together. Still, they do have their disagreements. For example, in Anger Management, Quinn let Lola eat a whole bowl of peanuts, even though they were in her mouth. Also, in Hands on a Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn's boyfriend, Mark Del Figgalo, in order to snap her out of her laughing fit, resulting in a full out brawl between. They're always there for each other and even with their budding personalities they manage to be Zoey's closest confidants. Even if Quinn is super sciency, they still make perfect friends.

Nicole Bristow Edit

Nicole was the second person Lola met at PCA and her second roommate. Lola and Nicole almost always got along and never fell out. Lola helped Nicole get over her obsession of boys and work on her school work more by hypnotizing her. Nicole and Lola became good friends and supported each other throughout Season 2. When Nicole left, she still kept in contact with Lola and they remained friends while Nicole was at Malibu Girls School.

Michael Barret Edit

Michael was one of Lola's best friends during her time at PCA. They became good friends and supported each other all through Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4. They never argued and got along all the time. In the season 2 episode, Lola Likes Chase, Michael said she was hot. Then he said she was smokin'. Also, in Bad Girl, Michael thought Lola liked him. As it would appear, Lola is closer with Michael and Chase than she is with Dustin and Logan.

James Garrett Edit

Lola grew a crush on James when she met him but was okay with him dating Zoey. Lola and James became good friends and never had a fall out.

Logan Reese Edit

Lola and Logan got along a lot after they had met and only had some disagreements during the series. He was one of her best friends and Logan thought she was hot.

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