Jasper Dunlop
Full Name
Jasper Dunlop
2000 or 2001
Creator of "Just Bucket"
Family & Friends
Mr. Dunlap (father)
Mrs. Dunlap (mother)
Henry Hart
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Jasper Dunlop is a main character in Henry Danger.

He's portrayed by Sean Ryan Fox.

Personality Edit

Jasper has been Henry's BFF since preschool. He's silly, goofy, and never fails to cheer his best buds up. Sure, he's not the shiniest gadget on the utility belt, but Henry can always count on him to have his back – sidekick or not. Also, he's really into buckets.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Henry Hart Edit

Henry and Jasper have been best friends ever since kindergarten.

Charlotte Edit

Charlotte is often annoyed by Jasper.

Trivia Edit

  • He can apparently lick his elbow.
  • He has a pet cat.
  • Jasper loves barrels. (He thinks they are buckets.)
  • He refers to himself as a bucketeer.
  • He is banned from the zoo. According to Dan Schneider, it involves an incident with an elephant.[1]
  • He likes muffins.
  • His last name hasn't been said yet. It is known because of Dan Schneider's website.
  • Jasper fastly got a deeper voice, since the second episode, Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems.
  • He cut Captain Man with a toy box and he hit Captain Man with a baseball bat.
  • He told a girl named Monica that he was Kid Danger, and got himself captured because someone thought he was the real Kid Danger, when he tried to stop a robbery.
  • He owns a bucket podcast named "Just Bucket."

References Edit

  1. Dan about Jasper and the zoo