WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. The following article contains content that would be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Despite the fact that Drake & Josh is a show intended for children, episodes can contain inappropriate humor.

Season 1


  • Walter and Audrey are kissing passionately on the sofa until Drake scares them with a whistle.
  • Megan: Are they done sucking face yet?
  • When Drake shudders after Audrey says she and Walter are getting married, his groans sound vaguely sexual.
  • Audrey: Have a good time, boys.
    • This could be interpreted as something sexual since she left them in a room on their own.
  • Josh dresses like a woman to help him write Miss Nancy's advice column.
  • Josh is dressed like a woman.
  • Drake accidentally touches one of Josh's fake breasts, before moving his hand to his shoulder.
  • When Drake says, "So hot!" about Tiffany, he moans.
  • "I'm not gonna let you use my mail for your own selfish desires!" - Josh to Drake about Tiffany.
    • 'Selfish desires' could mean sex or something else inappropriate.
  • When Drake asks him if his fake breast were real, Josh sharply says, "Stop that!"
  • Drake and Josh spray themselves with a hose because of the hot sauce that Megan put in their food, but a hose is a supposed meaning of calming horny teenagers down.
  • Drake and Josh at one point in the episode:
    • Josh: I have to use the little boy's room.
    • Drake: There's a sink in the kitchen.
  • When Drake asks Josh that he thought he had to pee, Josh said, "Done" and Drake looks down at his feet to check, hinting Josh has wet his pants.
  • Josh says Tiffany knows what he means about boyfriend's not being sensitive and caring because he was Miss Nancy (although Tiffany didn't know this) but the scene came off as Josh knowing that about boyfriends because's had one.
  • Buck threatens Josh and tells him to have an ambulance ready for their fight on Monday.
  • During the Karate training montage, Josh and the teacher wiggle their butts at the camera.
  • Drake says to Josh, "That's my boy." This is a form of dirty talk in sex.
  • When Drake says he can't see Josh wearing a dress after giving good advice, they both look down at them.
    • Drake looks notably longer than Josh does.
  • Josh wants to hug Drake and says, "May I?" while wiggling his body suggestively.

Dune Buggy

  • Trevor says that the dog he can see is a boy dog, after he looked.
  • Trevor said that 'it' runs, but the Dune Buggy didn't. One wonders what he actually meant.
  • Audrey thought Josh was trying to keep her from seeing something on the TV and was excited about it.
  • Drake tells Josh he needs to scrub the upstairs toliet again.
  • When Drake told his imaginary girlfriend to pucker up, Trevor said, "Well okay", seeming okay with the idea.
  • Trevor says, "The shower" after Drake asked him where the motor would sound even better.
  • When Drake tried to stand up both times, his groans sounded sexual.
  • Drake said to Audrey that everything hurt him.

Believe Me, Brother

  • Josh wanted to do a project on how lizards mate and give birth.
  • Drake gets really close to Josh and says, "You're purdy too" in a flirtacous and seductive manner and wiggles his eyebrows.
    • Josh says to him, "Stop that!" possibly implying Drake has flirted with him/said similar things before.
  • Drake and Josh when Drake leaves for class:
    • Drake: Bye gorgeous.
    • Josh: Bye sweetie-pie, I'll miss you!
      • Josh also blows Drake a kiss.
  • Susan feels Josh up when she flirts with him.
  • Josh is completely naked under his bath bubbles.
  • Megan films Josh while he is in the bathtub.
  • Josh: I apologize... for my nakedness.
  • Drake says to Josh to put some clothes on because Susan is in the room, but he didn't say anything about him.
  • Josh says to Audrey and Walter, "Remember that show on the Animal Channel where the female giraffe liked the male giraffe and-"
  • Audrey asks Walter suggestively if he wants to watch the Animal Channel and he enthusiastically turns it on.
  • During the music video shooting, Susan touches Josh's butt (or somewhere behind him) which makes him yelp and drop the camera.
  • Josh: Oh, I got plenty of Susan.
  • Josh: I think that Susan, y'know, wants me.
  • Josh: I know when a girl wants me, I've imagined it a thousand times!
    • This implies that Josh dreams about girls a lot and the dreams are sexual.
  • Susan gets very close to Josh and looks at him seductively when she flirts with him a second time.
  • When Drake comes out of the wardrobe, this could be seen as a 'coming out' joke.
  • "Come get a heapin' helpin' of Joshie!" - Josh to Susan.

Two Idiots and a Baby

  • Drake and Josh answering the phone:
    • Drake: Pull it!
    • Josh: I'm pullin' it!
  • Josh about the baby's diaper.
    • Josh: Just peek in and tell me if there's any... items.
  • One of Drake's band member's willingly sniffed the baby's butt.
  • The baby's bare butt was on camera for a second.
  • The baby peed over Drake, Josh and Megan.
  • When Drake, Josh and Megan are looking for things to wipe themselves with, Josh freaks out that one of them is moist.
  • Drake blames the dirty diaper smell on Paul's 'issues'.

First Crush

  • The beginning scene with Drake and Josh seemed like a flirty conversation between the two of them before they said goodbye to different people:
    • Drake: Oh come on, you know I think you're awesome.
    • Josh: Oh come on, you know I love you.
    • Drake: Oh, hey, hey, maybe I'll call you this weekend.
    • Josh: I'll call you this weekend, okay?
  • Josh said, "Open, you freakish locker!" which could have been a cover-up for "Open, you fu*king locker!"
  • Drake was jittery from the coffee he drank, similar to how a drug addict would act from too much drugs.
  • Megan calls to her snake, "Don't swallow Daddy!"
  • Josh says he has dozens of drawings of Kathy, which could mean he has stalked her.
  • Drake (as Kathy's picture) says to Josh, "C'mere Joshie, gimme a big kiss! Come on baby, gimme some sugar!" and puckers his lips up for a kiss.
  • Josh asks Drake, "Why do you think old people love me so much?" This could be a refrence to pedophila.
  • Drake to Josh, "Girls are just guys without-" and he grimaced and made a face before changing the subject.
  • Josh's groan sounds sexual when Drake slips his arms through the jacket.
  • Drake pats Josh's chest when he's pretending to give him away as thinking.
  • Josh moves suggestively when Drake's playing the song and Drake is pressed right behind him.
  • Josh spasmed when the snake crawled up his trousers and pulled them out to look what was wrong when he saw the snake.


  • Josh is excited when he says that he and Drake can walk around in their underwear.
  • Josh calls his Grammy a 'pretty young thang'.
  • Drake grabbed the large leaf and was going to hurt Grammy with it, but Josh stopped them.
  • Grammy gives Drake her suitcase and tells him to unpack it for her. Then she says "You can organize my thongs by color."
  • Drake: These hands touched Grammy panties!
  • Drake went to hurt Grammy for a second time, but Josh stopped him.
  • Drake said that he "beat her [Grammy's] butt at basketball."
  • Josh says to Drake, "You know what they do to kids in Juvie" then he whistles and makes a movement with his hand that's close to his crotch. This could be a reference to prison rape.
  • Drake: She beat me bad.
  • Grammy said that she had a soft spot for muscians
  • Grammy and Josh in the credit scene:
    • Grammy: Then I shouldn't tell you what I did last weekend, but I will say, it's a good thing I have this new hip.
    • Josh: Uh oh, am I gonna see you in an episode of Grammie's Gone Wild?

Season 2

Pool Shark

  • Josh says that he and Drake are a pool couple.

Season 3

Peruvian Puff Pepper

  • Josh is following instructions over the radio on making salsa. Josh is holding a pepper in each of his hands, as the radio has instructed. The announcer instructs Josh to 'handle the ingredients as if they were a fine woman.' Josh immediately drops the peppers, embarrassed, and says, "Sorry ma'am!"
  • Megan slaps Josh’s butt.

We're Married?

  • For the entire of the episode, Drake is very attracted to Yooka.
  • When Yooka tells the boys that she is going to take a shower, Drake says that he'll show her "how the shower works" but is instantly stopped by Josh.
  • Drake unintentionally marries Yooka.
  • When Drake and Yooka meet Josh at the Premiere, Drake says that he took Yooka to the Teeny Bikini because he decided that she should have American Swimwear. This was also a possible excuse for him to see her in a certain way.
  • When Josh asks if they want to see Ick Glokmah, he asks Yooka "Are ya ready to get your Glokmah on?"
  • After Yooka kisses Drake on the cheek, as a Yudonian thank you gesture, Drake responds with "Later on I'll show you how we say "You're Welcome" in America."
  • Josh, after Drake has married Yooka, yells "How dare you marry MY e-woman!!!"

The Affair

  • Drake and Josh in their room.
    • Drake: I think Dad has a problem.
    • Josh: I got him that dandruff shampoo.
    • Drake: Not a dandruff problem, a woman problem.
    • Josh: Dad has cramps?
  • Peggy tells Drake and Josh she also considered a woman (to be the weather forecaster in Good Morning Today) while they still think she was looking for a date, and then look strangely at each other.
  • In the credits scene, Josh doesn't want to say where the lobster pinched him because Megan is there.

Dr. Phyllis Show

  • Drake puts his rear end on Josh's picture of Oprah.
  • While he does this, he says, "Oh yeah! Me and Oprah cheek to cheek!"

Season 4

Josh Runs Into Oprah

  • Oprah's door at the hospital has a weird shape on it, resembling a certain female body part.
  • Drake & Josh kiss in this episode on their lips and they are brother and males.
  • Megan: (to Josh) Tobi doesn't like men... or whatever you are.

Mindy Loves Josh

  • Drake, while contemplating what to do after Mindy tells Josh she loves him, suggests that Josh become a woman. But he then mentions that 'you have to go through all that surgery' and is about to say something else, until Josh cuts him off. Later, Josh actually considers telling Mindy this ("Mindy, I am in the process of becoming a woman...").
  • When looking for a cure to Drake's fake disease, Josh visits Drake is confused, to which Josh responds, "I have it bookmarked."

The Storm

  • Josh walks into his bedroom, where the four members of Drake's band are. The drummer of the band, Gary, has his face and chest covered in sunblock. Josh immediately stops in place and says, "Okay, what's all over his face?"'

Steered Straight

  • Walter wore a dress.
  • The police officer stares at Walter's fake breasts.
  • The boys are going through the Steered "Straight" program.
  • Walter tells the boys they need to learn how to act like men. While he says this, he's wearing a dress.


  • Josh says he already watched a woman's lingerie at the laundry.
  • When Drake and Josh jump out, Josh accidentally touches Drake's butt.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

  • Josh: Never put your finger in me again!

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