iSam's Mom
Season 4, Episode 2
ISam's Mom
Airdate September 11, 2010
Production Code 305
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Adam Weissman
Viewership 5.911 million
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iSam's Mom is the 2nd episode of the fourth season of iCarly. It aired on September 11, 2010.

Plot Edit

Sam moves into Carly's apartment after having another argument with her mother, and her peculiar habits make her a terrible house guest. She quickly wears on Spencer and Carly’s patience after leaving a half-eaten tamale on Carly's bed, leaving her underwear on the stairs, and deleting "Celebrities Underwater" from Spencer's DVR.

Desperate to have her move out, Carly tricks Sam and Pam into meeting at a therapist’s office to reconcile their differences. Carly unwittingly gets stuck with the two when they are put in a “Therapy Box,” a small confined space where they must talk through their issues before they can be let out. When Carly freaks out because of being claustrophobic, Sam and Pam finally make up so they can get out of the Therapy Box.

Meanwhile, Freddie is stalked by a dangerous criminal named The Shadow Hammer after recording him robbing the Groovy Smoothie. Mrs. Benson moves herself and Freddie into apartment 8-C, as their real apartment number was given out on the local news. While there, Mrs. Benson hires a bodyguard for Freddie named Gunsmoke and the Benson's wear bulletproof vests. Spencer cannot take living with the Benson's and Gunsmoke (who beat him up for teasing Freddie and broke his snow cone machine) and switches the room numbers of their apartment with another one down the hall, even though he thinks the Shadow Hammer won't appear at all. However, to Freddie's shock, the Shadow Hammer does come by, but luckily doesn't question the fact that apartment 8-H is right across the hall from apartment 8-C.

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