"As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to have my own restaurant."
— Gibby about his dream.

iOpen a Restaurant
Season 5, Episode 3
IOpen a Restaurant
Airdate April 21, 2012
Production Code 502
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 2.828 million
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iOpen a Restaurant is the 3rd episode of the fifth season of iCarly. It aired on April 21, 2012.

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Sam and Gibby open a secret restaurant named Gibby's in the basement at their school. Bully Billy Boots, who just got out of juvie, harasses and irritates Gibby by constantly asking him to take off his shirt. Sam tries to diffuse the situation by sending Gibby to go on a walk and trying to talk to Billy, but when Gibby returns later, Billy attacks him and Sam beats up Billy with a Butter sock. Later on, Billy tells Mr. Howard about the restaurant and hopes it gets shut down. Even though Principal Franklin, one of Gibby's customers himself, agrees that the restaurant violates school rules, he allows Sam and Gibby to keep running it in secret and as soon as Mr. Howard is out of earshot.

Meanwhile, after their computer and TV have been stolen, Spencer starts developing a security robot. At first, he builds one that blinds intruders, but takes it apart after it blinds Carly. He then makes one that shoots corn at intruders, but it malfunctions and attacks Carly, Freddie and Spencer. They try to have it focus on Mrs. Benson and unplug it, but Spencer doesn't manage to pull the plug out of the outlet before the machine runs out of corn, so Mrs. Benson is heavily pelted with corn.

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