iLost My Mind
Season 4, Episode 14
ILost My Mind
Airdate August 13, 2011
Production Code 402
Written by Dan Schneider
Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 5.514 million
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iDate Sam & Freddie

iLost My Mind is the 14th episode of the fourth season of iCarly. It aired on August 13, 2011.

Plot Edit

After Sam kissed Freddie (in iOMG), she goes missing for three days, telling no one where she is. Since Carly and Freddie are worried about her, they track her Pear phone and figure out she's at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Carly, Freddie and Gibby go to the hospital and find that she is there. Sam explains she checked herself into the mental hospital because she thought she was insane for liking Freddie. She and Freddie have a discussion, and she realizes she isn't insane after all.

Meanwhile, Gibby has a sub-plot where he meets a man called Caleb (guest starring Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory), who insists that he is from the future and makes 'prophetic' statements like "California is going to fall into the ocean". Sam tries to leave the hospital but the guards say that she is not allowed to leave without a parent signing a release paper. Her mother is in Tijuana having laser hair removal, and her father isn't around, so Spencer pretends to be Sam's mother (Pam Puckett). Their plan fails when a guy Spencer went to law school with recognizes him, alerting the hospital staff to the ruse.

As Sam still hasn't been released and the trio have iCarly to film that evening they decide to do the show from the hospital. The guards and nurses are against the idea, but the patients (one in particular with a very deep voice) influence them to allow the filming. When they do the web show, instead of Gibby playing Hey, What Am I Sitting On? and trying to figure out what type of fish it is (sushi), Carly asks viewers via video chat if they think Sam is insane for having a crush on Freddie. Most of the viewers say it's totally normal, but the last 'viewer' is Freddie himself, who uses his PearPad to tell Sam how he feels. At first, she thinks he's doing it to get back at her for all the mean things she's done to him, but he instead kisses her, showing that he returns her feelings.

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