iCarly Saves TV
Season 1, Episode 23
Airdate June 13, 2008
Production Code 119
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 4.463 million
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iCarly Saves TV is the 23rd episode of the first season of iCarly. It aired on June 13, 2008.

Plot Edit

A big time TV Producer from TVS Records notices that his daughter dislikes his new show, but would rather watch iCarly on the internet, so he decides to make iCarly into a hit TV show. Initially blinded by the extravagance of riding in a limo and of being part of a big TV production, Carly, Sam, and Freddie (with Spencer's permission) agree to the scheme. Freddie is made the "supervising producer" of the show.

Things go well at first with Sam and Carly performing a good show, helped by the addition of a studio band featuring Harper, a very talented teen musician. Things soon begin to turn negative as the producer proceeds to make more and more ill-conceived changes. He adds an obnoxious dinosaur character named Zeebo to the cast, and eliminates Harper's band, then forces Harper to take over the role of Zeebo after Sam beats up the original actor. Ultimately he fires Sam and replaces her with a child superstar named Amber Tate, who turns out to be even more annoying than Zeebo. Freddie, however, has that found his "supervising producer" title qualifies him to act as a "gofer" for the producer and he finally quits after they cross the line when he's ordered to plunge a toilet.</p>

Back at the apartment, Carly, Sam, Spencer, and Freddie watch the first episode of their new teen sitcom. It turns out the producer's idea is to drop the iCarly name and concept completely and go back to his original lame teen sitcom idea from the start of the episode, only now it includes Zeebo and Amber Tate, making the show much worse. With iCarly back on the web and back the way it's supposed to be, Carly and Sam welcome Harper as a musical guest, who sings a song he wrote for iCarly.Carly also threatens to quit and go back to the webcast, only to learn that the studio now owns the iCarly name and the concept. Fortunately, after another rehearsal where it's clear that Carly and Amber are not getting along, the producer has another brainstorm.

Meanwhile, at home, Mrs. Benson and Spencer try to fill the void by acting like family to each other. Mrs. Benson begins treating Spencer in the same manner as she treats Freddie. Spencer objects at first, until he learns about the sugar-free lollipops she keeps in her industrial-strength first aid kit.

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