Grammy Nichols
Full name
Grammy Nichols
San Diego, California (possibly)
Family & Friends
Unnamed husband
Papa Nichols (father)
Mrs. Nichols (mother)
Catherine (sister or sister in-law)
Josh Nichols (grandson)
Walter Nichols (son)
Drake Parker (stepgrandson)
Megan Parker (stepdaughter)
Audrey Parker-Nichols (daughter-in-law)
Husband (most likely)
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Grammy Nichols is a character in Drake & Josh.

She's played by Randee Heller.

Personality Edit

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Josh Nichols Edit

Drake Parker Edit

At the beginning, Drake and Grammy hate each other. However, Grammy then promises Drake that if he beat her at basketball, she would let him go out and hang with his friends, as long as they didn't go to the Rock Shock concert. Grammy loses, but Drake disobeys and goes to the Rock Shock concert with his bandmates, but it turns out that Scottie had made fake tickets. Grammy finds out and instead of letting Drake go to jail, she pays the $200 fine and reveals that she had lost to Drake on purpose so that he could go and hang out with their friends. They have a rematch, where if Drake lost, he would have to tell his parents about the Rock Shock concert. Drake loses, so he pays Grammy the $200 back and goes to tell his parents, but Grammy interrupts and tells Walter and Audrey that she beat him at basketball and keeps the Rock Shock part secret for him. Grammy later tells Drake that she did it because he was going to tell them, which was good enough and also, he had already lost to her. They then hug and she gives Drake's $200 back.

Trivia Edit

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