Game Shakers

Game Shakers

Theme music composer
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Country of origin
United States
No. of seasons
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Original run
September 12, 2015-present
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Game Shakers is an American situation comedy created by Dan Schneider that began on September 12, 2015.

Storyline Edit

Game Shakers is about how when Babe and Kenzie created Sky Whale for a seventh grade science project, they were hoping for a passing grade at best. They never expected it to become the most popular game of the year! Now they're making millions with their insanely successful business. What could go wrong?

How about being sued for all their worth? When superstar rapper Double G (played by Good Burger star Kel Mitchell) finds out the girls used his song in their game without his permission, he threatens to do just that. To make things right, Babe and Kenzie decide to partner with the rapper and hire his son, Triple G, as a gaming consultant.

Will this new deal be a high score or a game over for Babe and Kenzie? Let the games begin!

Cast Edit

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Episodes Edit

Main article: Episode Guide (Game Shakers)

Polls Edit

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