Follow Me
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Rock Pop
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Follow Me is the theme song for Zoey 101. It was written by Britney Spears, Bloodshy & Avant, and Henrik Jonback and is sung by Jamie Lynn Spears.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1:
(Are you ready)
Ooh, I know you see my standing here
Do I look good my dear?
Do I look good today (today, today)?

Ooh ooh ooh
I'm just another kind of girl
And you wanna see my world
So come and run away
Yeah, yeah

If you wanna play
Come and play today
Let's just get away, yeah
I will make you see
All of the things that you can be
Believe in yourself, come follow me

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Trivia Edit

  • In Dance ContestMichael Barrett is seen singing a variation of the theme song where he says "and you wanna be my squirrel, and I look all away".

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