This is an episode guide for the series Game Shakers.

Series Overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale


20 September 12, 2015 TBA

Season 1 Edit

  • This season consists of 20 episodes.
Episode Series Episode Title Original airdate Prod. code Viewership
(in millions)
1-2 1-2 Sky Whale September 12, 2015 101 TBA
After creating the game app Sky Whale for their science project, which grown out to the most popular game app of the year, Babe (Cree Cicchino) and Kenzie (Madisyn Shipman) start gaming company Game Shakers with their friend Hudson (Thomas Kuc) in Brooklyn. But they used a rapper named Double G (Kel Mitchell)'s music in the game. He sues them all he has been owed. To make things good Babe and Kenzie take him on as business partner and hire his son, Triple G (Benjamin Flores, Jr.), as a game consultant.
3 3 Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons September 19, 2015 102 TBA
Babe buys herself a fancy new jacket after Dub gives the girls bonuses for Sky Whale's success; a flock of pigeons take up residence in Game Shakers.
4 4 Dirty Blob September 26, 2015 103 TBA
After Trip accidentally destroys a copy of the Game Shakers' latest game, the gang must sneak into Dub's recording studio to retrieve the last remaining copy.