Fun Facts

Drake & Josh

  • Dan was originally planning to make a spinoff of the show starring Megan.


  • Eric made a cameo appearance during the fight scene.

Dune Buggy

Blues Brothers

  • One of the guys arguing over how Josh did the twitch was played by Jake Farrow, who later played Gavin on the show.

Driver's License

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot was filmed at the same place Radcliff Studios was filmed in Josh Runs Into Oprah and the Premiere Movie Theater parking lot in Really Big Shrimp.
  • Denise Woods was played by the same actress who played Tori in season three's Playing the Field.

Number 1 Fan

  • Dan voiced the radio host and when Drake is seen practicing, you can hear him mention Joe Catania, a person who works alongside Dan in his shows.

Drew & Jerry

  • Dan voiced the Celebrities Underwater and Canadian Idol hosts.

The Drake & Josh Inn

Peruvian Puff Pepper

Paging Dr. Drake

  • Dan voiced the trainer in Josh's exercise video.

Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Josh Runs Into Oprah

  • When you see the exterior of the Premiere, you see a movie called "Hungry Girl," which is a real-life TV series and daily email program created by Dan's wife.
  • The shirt Drake wears at the end of the episode is the same one he wore in Steered Straight.

Vicious Tiberius

  • The song Walter was singing is, "Highway to Nowhere," by Drake Bell.

Dance Contest

Really Big Shrimp

  • When you see the exterior of the Premiere, two of the movie titles are "Now She's Carly" (a reference to Miranda Cosgrove's new role as Carly Shay) and "Lil' Lisa 22" (a reference to Dan's wife, Lisa, and her favorite number, 22).

Zoey 101


  • Carly was originally going to be named Sam or Josie.
  • Sam was originally going to be named Kira.
  • iCarly was originally going to be called, "Starstruck," and about a girl who gets cast in her favorite TV show.
  • When Dan wrote the first episode, he was already planning on casting Jennette McCurdy as Sam, due to her performance in an episode of Zoey 101.
  • Dan's wife, Lisa, was the one that got Dan to cast Jerry Trainor as Spencer.
  • Dan's favorite theme song lyric is, "There's no chance unless you take one."
  • If you dial "503-664-0452", you'll hear a voicemail message from Sam basically saying to hang up because she never checks her messages.
  • Spencer's buddy, Socko, was based off of Dan's real-life buddy, Socko.
  • Most episodes were written in Dan's living room.
  • Dan knew what would happen in "iGoodbye" about four years before it showed.
  • MirandaNathanNoah, and Jennette got together on November 23 to watch the premiere of "iGoodbye."


  • Sam's book, "The Penny Treasure," is actually a hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with a different cover.

iSaved Your Life

  • It recieved nearly 12 million viewers, the most any Nickelodeon show episode has gotten on its premiere.


Sam & Cat

  • Sam and Cat live in Apartment 22, which is a reference to Lisa Lillien's favorite number.

Henry Danger

Game Shakers