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Diane Delano
Full Name
Diane A. Delano
Diana Delano
Los Angeles, California
January 29th, 1957 (age 60)
Years Active
1983, 1986-present

Diane Delano (b. January 29, 1957), sometimes credited as Diana Delano, is an American actress. She played Nurse Francine Krutcher in Zoey 101.

Career Edit

Her best known roles might be "Bobbi Glass" as well as her twin sister nurse "Jessi Glass "on the 1999 series Popular and the recurring character "Barbara Semanski" on Northern Exposure. She recently played the role of Hilda, an FBI agent hired to protect Sami Brady, on Days of Our Lives. She also recently provided the voice for Big Barda in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Prior to this, she had voiced the superheroine Pantha in Teen Titans.

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