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David Bender
Full Name
David Bender
Pacific Coast Academy film and tech teacher
Family & Friends
Mr. Bender (father)
Mrs. Bender (mother)
Unnamed wife
Unnamed son
Unnamed wife
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Mr. David Bender is a recurring character in Zoey 101.

He's portrayed by Michael Blieden.

Personality Edit

David is very nice toward the kids, and always helps them out when they're in trouble. He is one of the nicest and most generous teachers at Pacific Coast Academy. In Little Beach Party, he drove all the way to a deserted beach to pick the kids up.

He can resemble a student himself, however, considering in one episode, his zipper was down. In another episode, he showed Zoey and Chase his two-way visual phone, which then showed his wife saying, "David, you left your underwear on the floor again!"

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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