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Chase Matthews
Full Name
Chase Bartholomew Matthews
Sushi Rox Delivery Boy
Family & Friends
Mr. Matthews (father)
Mrs. Matthews (mother)
Michael Barret
Zoey Brooks
Dustin Brooks (most likely)
Dana Cruz
Lola Martinez
Nicole Bristow
Quinn Pensky
Logan Reese (most likely)
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Chase Bartholomew Matthews is a main character in Zoey 101.

He's portrayed by Sean Flynn.

Personality Edit

Chase was known to be sweet natured, awkward, kind, honest and charming. He was a lovable guy with the heart of gold and the nack of getting himself into harm's way.

A hopeless klutz, he was always falling, tripping or hurling over something and was own for his awful dancing. He was also incredibly neurotic and had bouts of anxiety through the show, mostly having to do with his feelings for Zoey.

His kind heart and great social skills, however, made him well liked in his school and he was always quick to help those in need.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Zoey Brooks Edit

Chase has been desparately in love with Zoey ever since he met her at PCA. They have been the best of friends throughout their years at Pacific Coast Academy. Everyone knows about Chase's crush on Zoey except her. Chase has admitted to Zoey that he loves her while they where dating online. Zoey told Chase she loves him also, afterwards. At the end of Chasing Zoey, Chase and Zoey kissed, and they became a couple.

Michael Barret Edit

Chase met Michael in their sixth grade year at PCA. They have been best friends and roommates ever since. Michael is Chase's best male friend, (much like Zoey is Chase's best female friend). Chase and Michael's friendship has grown enourmously throughout the series. They are always there for eachother. In season 4, when Chase left to Covington Preparatory School, the only thing that was on Michael's mind was that he missed Chase. He even drew a picture of him along with Chase, frolicing through a meadow.

Dustin Brooks Edit

Chase is good friends with Dustin and usually sticks out for him. This might be because Chase has a huge crush on Dustin's sister Zoey.

Logan Reese Edit

Chase and Logan are roommates but they are not the best of friends due to Logan always bullying Chase. Chase and the others seem to only tollarate Logan but they do consider him a friend.

Quinn Pensky Edit

Chase thought Quinn was weird and quirky when he first met her but over the course of the show, Chase and Quinn have become good friends.

Lola Martinez Edit

Chase and Lola became great friends since they first met. In Lola Likes Chase, Chase tutored Lola and helped her with her acting practices, causing Lola to start liking Chase more than friends so they start to date. Chase, however doesn't like Lola that way, so they remain friends.

Nicole Bristow Edit

Chase and Nicole met and became good friends.

Dana Cruz Edit

Chase and Dana don't have too much interaction, overall, but when they do, they seem to be on friendly terms with one another.

Trivia Edit