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Blues Brothers
Season 2, Episode 8
Airdate September 12, 2004
Production Code 206
Written by Craig DiGregorio
Directed by Fred Savage
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Driver's License

Blues Brothers is the eighth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired on September 12, 2004.

Plot Edit

Drake prepares for a talent show; Josh appeared on Walter's weather channel and discovers that he has stage fright, which causes him to twitch on TV live. The forecast was unfortunately viewed by many in San Diego which Josh had been teased by viewers. To remove this poor reputation due to this, Drake offers him to appear in his talent show audition and perform the song Soul Man. Helen ran the Belleview Talent Show at the Premiere.

Quotes Edit

Walter: Hey, what are you making?
Josh: Trail Mix. For the cave I'm gonna live in. Where no one can see me twitch in the darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the guys who was arguing over the way Josh twitched is played by Jake Farrow, who played Gavin Mitchell in the next episode and several episodes after that.

Goofs Edit

  • If the Belliview Choir Society only heard about five seconds of Drake's song, then how could they have known the entire song when they performed?

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